Friday, December 3, 2010


I have been bad about posting pictures from Matt's football games lately.  I'm not sure why...

Maybe it's because this flag football through the Y is so - low key.  I mean, the 4+ months that we spend during tackle football season is so very competitive.  You drive home like a maniac with a time schedule.  You drag yourself out to watch 2 hours of practice three times a week - sitting at practice STARVING because you made sure the kids had supper but you forgot to eat.  You drag yourself to the game every weekend...arriving an hour early and *sweating* your bum off (this is Texas after all) for hours.  You scream, yell, cheer and booo at the top of your lungs for at least two hours every single Saturday.  Not to mention cheer practice twice a week and THOSE games (because it would be too much to ask to be able to cheer for your twin brother's team every week!).  And then it's over and you breathe a huge sigh of relief because you are so sick and tired of football. 

But THEN what do you do?  All of the sudden, the weather is cold and you have all this extra time on your hands.  You're bored.  You're driving home like a normal (sane) human being.  You eat dinner.  You do house work.  You look back on the life that you had for 4 months and miss it (because we Mothers are stupid sometimes).  So you start looking around and realize that the Y has flag football ~ so you sign him up!  Kid's thrilled ~ he loves to play after all.  And the Y is only one practice a week and one game a week.  So how hard can THAT be?
Love the look on Matt's face as he tries to catch the interception.  ooof!

And you sit at that first weekly game with your noise makers, your hats, whistles...whatever else it was that you dragged around for 4 months ... and you realize that you are the ONLY parent screaming and cheering.  And you remember the "good old days" when your son/daughter/twins played T-ball through the Y and you remember.... THEY DON'T EVEN KEEP SCORE.  So you sit there...take some pictures...and wait for the next "real" sport.

10 years old - still haven't learned to block for the ball carrier!

GO!!  Run!!!

So bummed that this wasn't in focus.  :(

Kat was so thrilled to watch her brother's game.

How long until spring baseball?????


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