Friday, October 14, 2011

My {Blurred} Shot

Finally!!!  I finally found a home for all my "bad" shots. 

You know...the ones where you are so excited that you forget that you can't jump up and down AND take the pictures of your son tackling that quarterback.  Or that time that you nearly did your own back flip the first time your daughter landed her double back handspring - back pike (without a spot).

You know - THOSE shots?

I love, Love, LOVE this link up. (lol)  Here's my shot.  One of our camping trips last fall ~ K & M decided to stack some wood up and see how high they could hurdle.  They ran out of wood before they ran out of energy :)  I didn't really think about fixing any settings on the camera.  And probably don't truly understand them any way.  I simply set it on "sports" and figured I was good to go.  I didn't get the shots that I wanted...exactly.  But whatever...

There are much better "blurred" shots over here so be sure to check them out!


Kathy said...

Haha...LOVE your concept of finding a home for all your bad photos. Same going on with me :). This is a VERY cool capture tho. Motion AND energy! Who knew a blur could say it all? :). Love it. Thanks for visiting my blog, come back any time!


Ashley Sisk said...

I think we've all been there - thinking we had a bad shot. But this is great. I love the movement and I'm so glad you shared it!

Kirstin said...

Oh yes! This totally worked! How totally fabulous.

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