Sunday, October 17, 2010

Single parenthood

Doug leaves in the morning for a business trip in Houston.  Which leaves me home as a single parent.  **WAIT**  I didn’t sign up for single parenthood!  I signed up for that joint parent stuff.

I know that many people will tell me that this time with my kids will give me one-on-one bonding time and that I should appreciate that time.  But I need to point out to those people that I can’t have one-on-one time with TWINS.  I will be having one-on-two time with them.  Which means that they have the ability to gang up on me.  Seriously.  I’ll lose.
It means dealing with football and cheer on my own.  Which means I have to figure out why that yellow flag was thrown all on my own.  Which means…I have to WATCH the game and not sit and chat.  That’s just not fair.  And it means getting both kids ready and to the field on time.  And doing those special twists in Kat’s hair while I try to tighten the straps on Matt’s football pads.  I don’t think I can multi task like that anymore.
It means housework and laundry on my own.  And dishes.  yuck.
It means grocery shopping with the kids – which will completely blow my weekly budget.  Matt is terrible to shop with ~ I don’t know how all the extra food winds up in my cart when he is around.
It means sleeping alone.  And after all these years, I don’t do that well at all.
Which means I’ll miss him.  Terribly.  :-(


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