Monday, November 1, 2010

October comes to an end

What a week!  I started the week running on empty but just kept chugging along.  Rough week at work - but really, who cares about work?

Matt had his last regular season football game on Saturday.  This season has been a beating.  His team has lost every single game.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Every.  Single.  Game.  We parents came to realize that we needed to have more realistic expectations for our team....we learned to be thrilled when our boys scored a goal.  Never mind winning.  Just score a goal.  (yes, that's my little #20 in the red jersey)

I am so very proud of my son.  He didn't get discouraged with the weekly beatings that his team took on the field.  He always came off the field with a smile, called out a bunch of "Good Game" to his team mates, and overall, just confirmed that he had fun playing the game.  Because, yes, he understands that it's just a game.  Dad - are you listening?!?  It's a G-A-M-E.  Played for fun.  Remember?  :)

Kat had a blast cheering - as usual.  She was again the only "senior" girl there on Saturday.  She does so well showing the younger girls the cheers.  And I know she loves to be up front and center!

And Emma was at the game!  The kids love her so much.  But especially Kat.  She just dotes on Em.

And then it was nap time!  ;)

We carved pumpkins....
And played ball...

And then came Halloween.  The days of cute matching costumes are gone.  But everyone had so much fun!


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