Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Fun

We started our weekend with Emma.  I was so excited to be able to go watch her at The Little Gym. 

Matt - age 4
 It brought back so many memories of my monsters many years ago.  

Kat - age 4
 Kat and Matt went to The Little Gym for about 3 years when they were little. 

Emma was so cute and wanted to do everything with her Cousin Kat. 

Then we went with Em to her first hair cut.  She wasn't thrilled to be there - wasn't sure what was going on.  But she did really well.  I think being able to sit in an "airplane" really helped as they are one of Emma's favorite things right now.  She actually didn't cry until the end ~ I think she had just had enough.  :)

Now that tackle football is over, Matt is playing flag football through the Y.  Saturday was his first game.  No one "officially" keeps score for games through the Y.  However, most of the dad's can tell you what the score is at any given time.  :)  Matt's team won 42-0.  I think he enjoyed finally being on a team that actually won a game.  He caught the ball for a 2 point conversion (!!) and carried the ball 2 other times.  I have pictures (of course) but haven't downloaded them from the camera yet.

Sunday was brunch with Cousin Mark from Cali and his daughter that is going to TCU (go Frogs!).  Shopping with Auntie Kim to use our Groupon GC's, football practice, grocery shopping, laundry, cooking ~ and, well more boring stuff.

Overall a full, family filled weekend.


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